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Holiday Toy Party

The Gig Stand-up Club announces Holiday Toy Party. It's a unique opportunity for comedy fans to take free tickets at stand-up concert. When: Thursday, December 24th through Friday December 31st.
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The Gig Lottery

Take part in the drawing of the main prize - Our Club Whiskey Box. Buy tickets at Open Mic and check your ticket number to see if you are a Winner in the Gig Lottery. When: Friday, December 28th.
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Comedy Awards 2021

The Golden Comic Awards 2021. Awarding of comedy artists in the nominations for the best stand-up, the best musical parody, the best improvisation. When: Friday December 30th.
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Thanksgiving Fest

Our Comedy Stars and Celebrities will host the 38th Annual Free Thanksgiving Party, featuring top comedians performing and entertaining. When: Thursday, November 25th.
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The history of music

Desde Mozart hasta Michael Jackson